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Sampi Colors - Car Planes Boat


With SAMPI COLORS you can enjoy wonderful drawings to give them life with great colors that we offer. Do not stop coloring !!Enjoy these incredible drawings to spend hours and hours of fun without having to repeat even once the same image, but if you like, draw it as many times as you want!In addition, every so often you will be adding new pictures to not stop the fun
Learn how vehicles are those you see in your city coloring them as you like.What color is the fire truck? Teach dad can be green or blue! and maybe Mom likes pink: DEverything is possible with SAMPI COLORS !! Imagination is the only border and just have to overcome!Do not forget to save your best pictures with image capture function of your mobile or tablet to show them to your friends!
Coming soon:-Share Your masterpieces with friends and family !!!With the push of a button you can send your drawings by email or share them on Facebook.
Characteristics:=============Through our pre-designed drawings to color the development of imagination, the arts, enhances concentration and learning abilities of children is encouraged, and in turn the more educational fun possible.You can make beautiful greeting cards for your friends, even the teacher! she will be delighted with the skills or small baby.Moreover, sharing these images generates values ​​of camaraderie and kinship between our children.
Language Application:===============★ Spanish★ English